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Maya needed a ride, and who better to ask than her darling stepbro?! Too bad hes being a dick and said no.

Maya decides to flash her tits as persuasion. It doesnt work, but when she starts sucking his cock, things start to work out more in her favor. Big bro is feeling privileged now, and hes been looking for a good buzz. He decides to take one of his dads viagras and go see if Maya will help him out with relieving his erection.

Sure enough, she bargains for not just the dick but his car for a week. She gets both, but as soon as bro gets his nut Maya quickly kicks him out. Shes not really about the bro vibes once the cum is gone.

The next day, Maya had to do some research. She knows her stepbro has been sleepwalking, but he just wont believe it. She decides to set up a camera so she can prove it to him. The only thing different about this episode was that this time, he sleep fucked her! Who knew one could have so much stamina while they are asleep. Maya actually liked this dicking.

The only part about it that sucked was when you are asleep, you cant really control your nut so her bro just creamed right in that pussy. Hopefully she was on the pill!

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