Family Payback


Nina is just in the kitchen, doing the dishes while her husband’s phone keeps ringing incessantly from the texts messages he’s receiving. Turns out it’s from his daughter who is talking about all the sex they’ve been having.

Nina, shocked, goes and looks for her son to get some family payback. She finds Cody sitting on the couch, watching the game and she busts her tits out of her top, showing him her heaving breasts spilling out of her bra.

She drags him off the couch, puts him against the wall, and starts sucking on her sons shameful erection. She grabs him by the dick and leads him into the living room where he stuffs his swollen meat into his mom’s dripping pussy.

She grinds on his teen cock with vigor, while her son sucks on her massive tits. They continue this pseudo incestual fuck fest on the couch, where he fucks his mom’s jugs, and eventually gives her a present any Mother would be happy to receive, a brand new pearl-necklace.

Family Srtokes

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